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Black Finger Tips

Label: Relax-O-Matic

OX Fanzine wrote: Again a wonderful 10 inch by Relax-O-Matic Records from France. As a German from the north of Germany I never liked the austrian dialect, and I always said that the austrian can't rock...I still think that the austrian have a bad dialect, but they can defintely rock! I enjoyed it very well by listening it the first time. On this album there are nine classical garage-punk songs, which made me enthousiastic. The sound is dirty, without being under-produced. The rythm section is making good power, the singing is snotty and agressiv. The lead-guitar work stands out from the typical classical three chords system. Rodriguez have also the confidence to set here and there a Pop refrain. Excellent! It should always be like this. Also the NEW BOMB TURKS fans of course too..