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Seila Chiara

Label: Moment Of Collapse

Lyon based Seila Chiara report back. The waiting time was worth it. Three years in the making, the new output entitled “rive” contains seven brand-new and completely self-produced songs.
Compared with the older stuff “rive” is more atmospheric, catchy and frisky. The guitar-lines seem to be influenced by bands as Sed Non Satiata and At The Drive In.
Significant beside the brilliant overlaid guitar-melodies are the slant vocals. During the seven songs the band takes the listener on a journey back in the 90’s emodays with all the lovely melancholy to built bridges to nowadays post-hardcore with hints of jazzy ambient passages. The result is an innovative songwriting that needs some more listening runs before this 10inch-vinyl completely crestfalls.

Recommend to people who like Amalthea, Sed Non Satiata, early At The Drive In and late Daitro.

Song Titles

  • Smitten Kitten
  • Fatuity Fair
  • The Mutiny of All Your Gestures
  • Gaea
  • White Elephants
  • Katie, Bar the Door
  • Fine