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The Dresdens
The Dresdens

Label: Dry Heave Records

Released: 20/04/13

Originally recorded in 2007 & shelved until now comes rock n'roll punk street rats The Dresdens eponymously titled debut album, finally unleashed! Featuring former Winnebago Deal dudes Ben Thomas (drums) & Ben Perrier (vocals/bass) & ex Gunbunny man Jack Goldstein (vocals/guitar)

This is fourteen punchy tracks of punk rock n'roll from the streets to the gutter. Mastered by the same guy who did Rocket From The Crypt!

Song Titles

  • Out On The Streets
  • You're A Liar
  • The Battle Within
  • A Better Life
  • Bone Dry
  • Lifted
  • We Are The Dresdens
  • Mercenaries
  • Be A Believer
  • Revolution
  • Skin Is In
  • I Can't Love
  • You Can't Fool Us
  • Street Rats