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Song Titles

  • Pricks: Fuck You Too
  • Pricks: 5 Dollar Handjob
  • Pricks: I Wish I Could Dance Like Sir Henry Fiat
  • Pricks: Don't Rape
  • Pricks: Piss On Me I'm On Fire
  • Pricks: Cover Up
  • Pricks: Short Song
  • Pricks: Is This A Fucking Date
  • Pricks: Pay To Cum
  • Pricks: Contan
  • Pricks: Sick
  • Pricks: Go Home
  • Urtc: No Way! Miss Usa!
  • Urtc: Age Of Consent
  • Urtc: Basty Wolves
  • Urtc: Yuppie Hip Hop Ad
  • Urtc: Livin' In A Straw (In The Summer Of Fraud)