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Beau Navire Republic Of Dreams

Label: React with Protest

Released: 03.02.2012

Oakland's BEAU NAVIRE, comprised of members of Loma Prieta and various other Bay Area bands, deliver their best material to date following a slew of releases in only a little over a year and non-stop playing up and down the west coast as well as a european tour. They bring a nervous violence to their heartfelt brand of chaotic hardcore which uniquely plays out in their songwriting. Reminiscent of bands like Neil Perry, Funeral Diner etc. Germany's REPUBLIC OF DREAMS is made up of members of Louise Cyphre and play absolutely frantic, feedback-drenched punk at a nonstop breakneck pace without sacrificing an ounce of melody for the chaos. Fans of Raein and other European screamo bands take note.

Song Titles

  • Rod Golden Parachutes For The Carpebaggers
  • Rod It's Still Fucking Personal
  • Rod A Refugee Becoming Utopia
  • Bn Phalanx Of Lenses
  • Bn Ghostlike