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Dean Dirg
What's New?

Label: P.Trash , Prügelprinz

  • 7" 5,60
"What's new?" you may ask yourself and the our beloved nerds of DEAN DIRG will blare "Nothing!" back at you. But we at P.Trash would never fool you with a half-assed release and what you get here is the stripped down and naked truth of what this band is all about and why everybody goes apeshit to their sound.
On one side there's the three berserkers "Do it right", "Fix my head with a knife", Dean Dirg's bored" plus a funny lil' intermezzo all recorded live in Mannheim in perfect sound quality.
The 5 songs on the other side are the first songs the band recorded after the release of their first 10inch "9 refreshing ways�" as demo-versions for the "s/t" 12inch. After the release of that record, that band decided that these versions here sound so much better than the ones that found their way on vinyl and so, what you can hear are rougher and dirtier varieties of "Rock out", "Our laugh's on you", "Punk Punk", "Cholesterol attack" and "Chartbreaker Ha Ha Ha" that finally see the light of day. Halleluja!!!

Limd. 500 normal sleeve. Co-release with Prügelprinz Records

Song Titles

  • Do It Right (Live)
  • Fix My Head With A Knife (Live)
  • Dean Dirg's Bored (Live)
  • Rock Out
  • Our Laugh's On You
  • Punk Fight Punk
  • Cholesterol Attack
  • Chartbreaker Ha Ha Ha