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Thrash Compactor

Label: Grave Mistake Records

Released: 2007

  • 7" 4,90
The Ergs record that never was, but always should have been! The THRASH COMPACTOR E.P., most of which was recorded 7 years ago, finally sees the light of day in the form of this one-sided 7". Five songs of short, fast, and catchy hardcore/punk like only the Ergs can do it. If you're only familiar with their post-Ben Kweller EP catalog, then you might not be aware of their penchant for rippin' hardcore/punk along the lines of bands like Adrenaline OD, "Bonus Fat"-era Descendents, and Angry Samoans. With lyrics about douchebag frontmen of former punk bands, high school killing sprees, suburban banality, and killing presidents ... you know you can't go wrong. This EP will fly right by you, but hook you right in to keep playing it over and over. Thankfully, it's one-sided so you just gotta move the needle back to the start. No flipping required. SPLIT WITH FIRESTARTER RECORDS. SECOND PRESS WITH GREEN PRINTED COVERS

Song Titles

  • Johnny Rzeznick Needs His Ass Kicked
  • Sneak Attack
  • Society Hill
  • Throttle Boy
  • I Shot The Devil's Son