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Guilt Show
Before They Know We Are All Dead

Label: Defiant Hearts , Refoundation

Released: 2009-03-02

"Before They Know We're All Dead' includes 6 brand new songs recorded in july 2008. Their music can be described best as an energetic mix between the mid tempo parts of AMERICAN NIGHTMARE, UNBROKEN and CRO-MAGS. The focus is still on writing the fastest, most uncompromising and groundbreaking songs ever possible. It's all about hardcore in its purest form, with a no-frills attitude, made by veterans of the scene. The lyrics deal with some issues that the hardcore scene seems to have forgotten about nowadays, such as politics and animal rights: this is an album full of anger and disappointment towards society and its horrors like animal exploitation and the Israeli occupation in Palestine but also towards a hardcore scene which is more and more apathetic and cares only about trends.

Song Titles

  • Raise Your Flag
  • Good Night And Good Luck
  • Bbefore They Know We Are All Dead
  • Bleeding Black
  • Hills Still Have Eyes
  • Farewell To Fucks