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Idle Hands Mutagens

Anniversaries are like a vintage wine, better and better all the time.
So wise, so true: With this very special release, P. Trash invites you to a cheerful round of musical chairs in order to celebrate 50 trashy inches, a 7'' birthday bash par excellance. Invited are Rob Statues' MUTAGENS and our good sons of good sound IDLE HANDS who both prove their entertaining qualities on this anniversary record.
Rob Statues starts a game of Hot Potatoe here under the name of MUTAGENS with his version of "Mindless contentment", originally penned by the garajeros latinos PLUGZ way back then. He recorded everything all by himself and there's still a handful of other MUTAGENS ditties up our sleeve, so you can already start drooling!
Their records are top runners on everybody's player this year and now IDLE HANDS share this happy occasion with us and pin the tail on the donkey with their version of SHOCK's "This generation's is on vacation", extremely catchy and just right for this party!
So let us toast to you, supporters and friends of P. Trash. Cheers & Thanks!

Song Titles

  • Idle Hands - This Generation's On Vacation
  • Mutagens - Mindless Contentment