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Los Raw Gospels Plutones

Label: P.Trash

A merciless lucha libre between the masked and mysterious trio LOS RAW GOSPELS from England / Finnland (rumors spread that one BLACK TIME member is involved) and french squad THE PLUTONES, that recrutes former fighters of THE FATALS and uses the extra force of one member of the KUNG-FU ESCALATORS and a second drumset as their secret weapon. LOS RAW GOSPELS enter the ring to the sound of a mean and distorted version of LINK WRAY's "Rumble" and take their oponnents in a headlock with the raw "Hail To The King", whose primitive beat and guitar resemble the BLACK TIME, and the more melodic "Rotten Heart", which is stuffed with trashed-up BEAT-MAN soul. THE PLUTONES snap the GOSPEL's neck with the twangy and stomping "Shoot'em" and the driving "Fan Of You", both a brave and fearless provocation to THE FATALS and their likes.
Cover comes with adequate Mexican Wrestling b/w comic artwork, inked down by one guy of LOS RAW GOSPELS and printed on thick cardboard. Single is limited to 500 copies.