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Bored Of The Dance

Label: Fistolo

Seattle's Meisce (pronounced 'mesh-key-ah') has been together since October of 2002, combining elements of Irish folk, gypsy, Eastern European klezmer, and punk rock, among other influences. It is with great pleasure that Fistolo and Aborted Society Records are split-releasing their first vinyl release..."Bored of the Dance," which those disgusted with Michael Flatley's ego will find oh-so-amusing! Imagine a more crusty Flogging Molly...nah that doesn't even do it justice. How's this: this includes members of Countdown to Armageddon, Wormwood, Inhaste, and Slightly Less Than Nothing. Oh yeah, and this record LOOKS freakin' awesome. Trust us. Drink the alehouse dry!

Song Titles

  • The Death Of Michael Flatley
  • Drunk And Alone