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New Bruises Offshore Radio

Label: Yo-Yo

OFFSHORE RADIO: Leeds via Sunderland punk that is actually quite british. Dan, Emma and Joe love ginger beer, homous and the clash, they used to play or still play in all the cool bands and when we meet it takes about 2 minutes and we talk about nazi germany. this is their debut! on the flip side NEW BRUISES from tampa, florida also bring us 2 new melodic punk tunes. They do have the funnier tattoos and after a handful of incredible releases finally it's time for europe to take notice! Horsebites did an amasing job on the artwork.

Song Titles

  • New Bruises - The World's Worst Invention
  • New Bruises - Evasion Of The Body Snatchers
  • Offshore Radio - A19
  • Offshore Radio - Where Do We Begin?