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Sharp Objects
Zero Ambition

Label: P.Trash

Released: Apr. 01, 2010

If there's no more room in hell....pardon...copies left on Modern Action, The SHARP OBJECTS will spin on P. Trash Records. And if '77 Punk has been creeping slouchily along for decades now, ''Zero Ambition'' and ''Misspent Youth'' by the living dead BRIEFS and BODIES personnel sound like the remake of Dawn of the Dead and will make even the most slack-infected corpse stand up again and shake a leg. Another record that is cutting off generous slices from the big spicy Punkrock pepperoni with a sharp knife and a dull tongue. Or was it the other way around? Don't know. Must pogo...must pogo!
Artwork by Belgian finest underground artist ELZO DURT!!!

Song Titles

  • Zero Ambition
  • Misspent Youth