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The Nederbietels
Kejje Nagaan

Label: Tear It Up Records

Released: 2003

To get the ultimate longlasting fame, leadsinger Dave surprised us all with his new band De Nederbietels. For one thing is sure, after American rhythm and blues and good quality rock, the Dutch invented the Nederbeat, the only true soulful punk rock style back in the days. With bands like Q65, Het, The Outsiders and The Motions. And yet, with the Rotterdam Nederbietels we can now skip house, rap and disco out of the music evolution, it is about primitive American garage rock and cool British mod music. Dutch sixties hetero rock as they say, as male as it gets. Now there is one hell of a single for the ladies. Take some minimum of effort to learn typical Dutch Rotterdam slang on the back of the record sleeve and get your eyes popped out by the amazing sleeve design.