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Six Songs For Sick Minds

Label: P.Trash

  • 7" 3,90
Daz, Mel, Betty and Robin met while being stuffed inside a trashcan by the school bullies and decided to become punk rockers and start a band in order to turn the prom night into a bloody nightmare.
These six songs about killing oneself, killing others, getting tattoed or watching Daddy stuffing his face with junk can perfectly be filed between the NOBODYS' ''Politically incorrect'' 7'', early ANGRY SAMOANS and QUEERS, LOLI & THE CHONES and the MIGHTY CEASARS.
Primitive, fast and raw, just the way you like it! And if you ever wanted to have a list of Pop-Punk bands underlayed with dirty punkrock, you get it here first. Don't be arsed, these Brits are punk, punker, the punkest!