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Fractures Of Nocturnal Rites

Label: Nerdcore Records

Released: 22.11.2012

  • MC 5,90
Deathrite's noisy assault delivers the urgency of hardcore, the sheer brutality of extreme metal and the high speed attacks in the vein of your favourite power-violence bands - all wrapped up by the no-bullshit and fuck-you attitude of punk. Breakneck speeds, pounding percussion, raw vocals, and frantically raging guitars and bass round out their style which pleasantly scorches the eardrums. This splatter is caustic and merciless. It's an unrelenting torrent, an avalanche of thick grime and vitriol. There's so much hate spewed forth in such a short amount of time, that it takes a few listens to process everything that's going on.

The tape contains the songs from the s/t LP on Per Koro Records and the remastered songs from the split 7" w/ Goldust on Per Koro/Cobra Records.

Song Titles

  • Prophecy
  • Black Reign
  • Claws
  • Nails And Coffins
  • Sirens
  • Vultures / Wolves
  • Locusts Swarm
  • Decline
  • Destination Death
  • Plagues