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Adam West
God's Gift To Women

From what I gather, Adam West falls into the hard rock category (if you?re a "category" kinda person). Fuck, man?can we narrow down the fields a little bit? HUH!? CAN WE!? Geez Louizzzz! Listen, these ol' boys are rock and roll and I'm not talking about Donny Osmond rock and roll either? fuck no!... I?m speaking of REAL rock and roll (have I met my quota on the term "rock and roll"? I hope so).

Song Titles

  • Devilishly Handsome
  • Trying To Be A Man In A Woman's World
  • Gets Me Off
  • Wishbone
  • Second Sight
  • Eye To Eye
  • There's A Bimboo Under My Bed
  • God's Gift To Women
  • Hotsy Totsy
  • The Future's On My Side
  • Center Stage
  • The Floozy
  • In The Back Of My Hearse (Lo-Fi)