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Piper At The Gates Of Downey

Label: BitzCore

Released: Nov. 30, 1994

  • CD 6,90
Tony Adolescent recruited new members (Mat from Flower Leperds on drums, Mark Arnold (ex MIA, Big Drill Car; guitar). Recorded at Westbeach Studios this album features also original Adolescent guitar player Frank Agnew and stands in the tradition of the great first Adolescents albums.

Song Titles

  • Driving With The Radio On
  • Shoot The Cod
  • Stage Diving Daisy
  • Communication Unbound
  • Reservoir Dogs
  • Vamp
  • How 'bout You
  • Joan Of Arc Occasionally
  • Stowaway
  • Drift Like Wood
  • Summer Of Haight
  • Britt Reeves
  • Bash
  • Shoemaker