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Billy Child
I Made Up My Mind

Label: Tear It Up Records

Released: 2004

Nope, these Japanese instigators of rockabilly have been workaholics. Busy bees in exploring New grounds and styles in fast and loud rock and roll music. Billy Child doesn't notice any differences between Irish folk, blues,
skiffle, rock and riff driven rock. Regard Billy Child as a kind of Mano Negra with a strong focus on rock music from the fifties. Party music can't get any better than this.

Track list:
1. Don't Stop This style 2:10
2. I Made Up My Mind 3:31
3. My Heart Your Sweet 5:01
4. Big Shake 2:51
5. Walk In The World 2:50
6. 90 Mile 3:27
7. Rock 'N' Roll Ball 3:48
8. You're My Darlin' 3:07

Song Titles

  • Don't Stop This Style
  • I Made Up My Mind
  • My Heart Your Sweet
  • Big Shake
  • Walk In The World
  • 90 Mile
  • Rock 'n' Roll Ball
  • You're My Darlin'