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Black Halos
Alive Without Control

The Worship of Johnny Thunders and his various bands seem to run in cycles. The late 1990s and early 2000s have seen a resurgence in bands obsessed with the near-dead, heroin chic look and trashy, loud, Glam-influenced Rock'n'Rolll largely created by Thunders. THE BLACK HALOS fit this bill to the letter. The band look to a slightly different golden age than that of The Clash and Buzzcocks though.

THE BLACK HALOS are more enamored with the glammed-up-sleaze-rock of The New York Dolls, the sonic buzz of The Stooges and the snotty attitude of the Dead Boys. Their first release in over four years, "Alive Without Control" will show that THE BLACK HALOS most definitely deserve a spot in the history books right alongside the fathers that defined this genre of rock. With their husky, too-many-cigarettes/too-much-booze vocals spitting and sneering live fast/die young lyrics, THE BLACK HALOS get in your face and let you know who they are and where they're coming from right from the start. Sure, this style of music keeps getting reinvented; but THE BLACK HALOS do it a trillion times better than any of the schlock being peddled on the radio these days. THE BLACK HALOS are the real deal and their music will stand the test of time just like the fathers of the genre THE BLACK HALOS are at the top of.

Ever since this beautiful nightmare began back in 1994 THE BLACK HALOS has always been an entity on its own comprised of 5 individuals who have united with the soul purpose of keeping the idiotsavantness of the music THE BLACK HALOS love alive at any cost. From taking on tours that even to the most experienced and die hard bands seem impossibly ridiculous consisting of some of the most legendary/highbrow theatres and ballrooms as well as some of the darkest shitholes and unkown venues no crowd has been denied or unmarked by our passion, insanity, and debauchery. Throughout the history of rock'n'roll, punk, alternative or whatever the magazines are calling it now, too many bands could be given as reference points but even though THE BLACK HALOS have studied the maps of the masters THE BLACK HALOS still refuse to learn from their past mistakes and have chosen to seek our own uncharted course to glorious errors. Its a rough road full of speed bumps and potholes with no breaks but after all THE BLACK HALOS still call it rock'n'roll and we hope you'll join us for the ride!

Song Titles

  • Three Sheets To The Wind
  • Last Call At The Toothless Saloon
  • Alive Without Control
  • Darkets Corners
  • Mirrorman
  • Studio Suffering
  • Third World U.s.a.
  • Tight
  • Broken
  • Exit Stagefright
  • Burning Trash
  • Unchanged
  • I Need To Know