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Bloodtrial Rising Tide

Label: Villa Optima

!!!SPECIAL: Order this and you will get the new Bloodtrial - This Hate Burns Deep (Demo CD) for free!!!

BT: venomous metallic hardcore! full spead ahaed, hatefull & in-your-face. For fans of TERROR & older THROWDOWN.
RT: Melodic Hardcore with Maiden riffing

Comes in cool digipack designed by Joost Van Ingen

Song Titles

  • Bloodtrail: Blackened Blood
  • Bloodtrail: Hate
  • Bloodtrail: Goodbye
  • Bloodtrail: Treason
  • Rising Tide: In Tears It Ends
  • Rising Tide: When Words Fall Short
  • Rising Tide: Memory Lane
  • Rising Tide: Heaven's Mandate