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Bovver Boys
Welcome To Borderland

Label: Sunny Bastards

Some may call the music of these fine guys from Aachen, Germany just "Melodic-Working-Class-Punkrock", but there is much more to explore on "Welcome to Borderland"!
Influenced by British Classic Oi-Heroes like "4-Skins", "Sham 69", "the Ejected" and 77 Punk like "Chelsea", the Bovver Boys created their own style in handmade Streetmusic!

A "good mood" Energy-Cocktail of pure Rock'nRoll, Punk, Oi and sometimes Rockabilly with lots of great "Singalongs" creates that smashing Street Credibility!

And that has a reason, cause the "Bovver Boys" are for guarantee no "Newbies" in the biz:
Harti plays by the famous Psychobilly-Band "Phantom Rockers" and played often Gigs in the States. Two other members are also playing instruments for the "Teenage Astro Dictators" (B-Movie Horror Punk) and last but not least "Urban Rejects" (Classic Oi/Streetcore)

In their long career they played concerts with such scene legends like U.S. Bombs, Cock Sparrer, Cockney Rejects, Evil Conduct, 4-Promille, Long Tall Texans and on the biggest fes-tivals like "Punk & Disorderly 2006".

"Welcome to Borderland" has ist all!
13 smashers about working class (working men) , life on the streets (Living on a Dole), hate (I'm gonna get a gun) & , and of course to be of a part of the scene, they live for (We are Bovver Boys, Blood on the strings)

Two cover-songs from "The Ejected" or "Last Resort" are also on this great longplayer for all Punks, Skins & Rock'n'Roller!

Their Hometown is in the heart of Europe, where 3 countries are just a few steps away: The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. All this mixture has made the Bovver Boys to a little legend that is still alive and making excellent music for the crowd!

Notices from the Press:

Sellfish: "Bovver Boys are best British Streetpunk Tradition" (8/10 points)

Moloko-Plus Magazine: "12 great songs in the good old Britain Oi/77Punk-Style"

Song Titles

  • We Are Bovver Boys
  • Living on the dole
  • Gonna Get A Gun
  • Working Man
  • United
  • Preconception
  • Coming From Borderland
  • Another Hero
  • Lionheart
  • Backstreet Education
  • Addicted To Punkrock
  • Blood On The Strings