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Dark Day Dungeon
By Blood Undone

Label: Let it Burn

Released: Sep. 15, 2005

Every notion you had of heavy music will be laid to waste. Switzerlands metal-tank is finally back with their second full length record. "By Blood Undone" lives and breathes hard work and stands as a testament of what 'heavy music' is really capable of. Brutality, Power and technical perfection blast from Dark Day Dungeon's latest offering. Recorded in Italy at Alpha Omega Studios (CATARACT ua) and mixed at Studio Fredman in Sweden (DARK TRANQULITY, AT THE GATES, ARCH ENEMY, IN FLAMES, etc.). Artwork done by Dave Quiggle. For Fans of DARKEST HOUR, IN FLAMES & SHADOWS FALL.

Song Titles

  • Stars Fall From The Sky
  • Temptation's Plan
  • Cold Winter Days
  • Passion Of Death
  • Empty Words
  • Chameleon Effect
  • Dead Loss
  • God Of Deceit
  • Seed Of Fate
  • Eclipse
  • Recollections