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Dark Day Dungeon
Know Your Enemy

Label: Let it Burn

Released: Nov. 10, 2008

One of the most violent bands ever to come out ouf Europe hooked up with one of the most brutal vocalist (ex CATARACT)... the result is unbelievable. Diverse Mosh-Metal Hardcore without loosing the focus on brutality at any time. Recorded and mixed at Alpha Omega Studios in Como, Italy. For Fans of MACHINE HEAD, CATARACT, METALLICA, ARKANGEL and HATEBREED.

Song Titles

  • Poisoned Lies
  • Passion
  • The Ones To Trust
  • Built Up Inside
  • Playing Enemy
  • Can't See Through You
  • Near The End
  • Looking Through The Eyes Of The Dead
  • Burning Symbol
  • Drowning