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Dead Flesh Fashion

Label: Midsummer Records

Released: 2009-07-10

This debut full length as performed by Dead Flesh Fashion is a mean, rough and honest mixture of noise, Coalesce-like bulldozing parts and chaotic hardcore/sludge structures. Recorded live in 5 days, these boys will blow you away with their wild energy like they're going crazy in your living room.

Song Titles

  • A Sick Way To Mute The Chorus Of Gloom
  • Ghost
  • The Morning Brings The Dogs
  • Hyena
  • Stampede (A Dialogue In Minor Key)
  • I Left My Brain At The Gunshow
  • Jealousy Is A Demon That Never Sleeps
  • Apocalypse Accessoir
  • Redneck Toothpick Tragedy
  • Then There Were Ruins
  • Carcass1 And Vulture2 In Love