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Debeli Precjednik Fat Prezident
Through The Eyes Of The Innocent

Label: Moonlee

Released: Jun. 05, 2006

Croatian's brightest hardcore meets punk rock clique DEBELI PRECJEDNIK/FAT PREZIDENT are back again, this time with their third full length effort "Through The Eyes Of The Innocent". No matter how many punk records you have in your collection, or how many hardcore shows you witnessed, once you hear this album you will feel like a novice, slack-jawed, as if it's the first punk album you have ever heard. Just think of the blasting power and emotions Boy Sets Fire have to offer and a good old punk rock spirit Hot Water Music dole out and spice it all up with Descendents' charm and atmosphere and you might get a lil picture of what DEBELI PRECJEDNIK/FAT PREZIDENT'S latest album is all about.

Song Titles

  • Watch Him Fall
  • Waste Of My Time
  • Mouth Full Of Blood
  • Thank You
  • Lajavo Pseto
  • Guilty Conscience
  • Marionette
  • River Of Bodies
  • Burdened
  • World Through Pink Glasses
  • Mala Vida
  • Now I Lose