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Deficit Stage Disaster

Label: Warbird Entertainment

Stage Disaster was formed in Andernach/Rhine, Germany in 2004. The band plays hardcore punk rock with melodic refrains. After the birth of Stage Disaster the band went on to record their first Split CD with the U.S. band The Damaged which was released by JAG-M Records in Germany. Stage Disaster is also featured on 9 different compilations throughout the U.S. & Europe. The band has shared the stage with acts such as River City High (USA), Forgotten Rebels (CAN), Beatsteaks (GER) and many more. In late 2007 Stage Disaster released their second Split CD with yet another US band called The Deficit and was released by Warbird Entertainment in the US.(1-6)

The Deficit started in February of 2003 under the name Ziggy and the Love Darts as a self-confessed ?Anti-Flag meets Bouncing Souls.? During this period, the band?s writing was very simple, taking cues from bands such as Rancid, The Casualties, and Pennywise. After several member changes and additions, the band recorded several demos and live sets to spread the word. At first, they booked their own shows in basements and banquet halls, but they soon moved on to playing local clubs with other local bands.

After losing both their lead guitarist and drummer in 2005, the band considered quitting. However, after discussion with friends and family, the band decided to continue on, eventually finding the members that would become the band in their current state. Coincidentally, the four members? influences all began to show through in the writing process, and we find the band in a musical state almost all their own. Combining elements of hardcore, traditional punk, and even metal at times, the band brings a very eclectic sound to the table. (1-12)

On this release Stage Disaster (Germany) & The Deficit (USA) really give you a true kick in the face with their 12 tracks of pure hardcore punk.

Song Titles

  • Stage Disaster - The Reaper
  • Stage Disaster - Way To Go
  • Stage Disaster - Collision
  • Stage Disaster - Beautiful Bitch
  • Stage Disaster - Living Dead
  • Stage Disaster - Living For Today
  • The Deficit - Two Headed Monster
  • The Deficit - Questions
  • The Deficit - 24 Hours Of Shellshock
  • The Deficit - Pork Chop Sandwiches
  • The Deficit - Countdown To Armageddon
  • The Deficit - Ashes