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Down And Away
Reclaim The Radio

Label: Warbird Entertainment

In 1998 four young punk rock fellas formed the band Down And Away out of the ashes from bands such as Assail & No Comply. After a whole lot of shows around Sweden and after a couple of demo's, the band got a deal with the German label, Rockstar Records. The band released their debut-album "Who's Got the Deliverance!?" in 2001 and started to spend a lot of their spare time on the European roads.

In 2002 Down And Away followed their debut up with the MCD "Make It Matter" (Rockstar), the 7" "Rising Up" (Dirty Punk Records) and a split 7" with Smalltown released on drummer Martin's own label. After the band's second tour, bass-player Christer decided to leave the band and was replaced shortly thereafter by The Face (Saibon, The Pricks). In 2004 Down And Away dropped their second album "Set To Blow" which would be their last record on Rockstar. The band's latest album "To Serve & Protect" was released by Mad Butcher Records in 2006. Still in the same spirit as the previous releases but now with a more mature sound and even stronger melodies.

"Reclaim The Radio", is a CD packed with Down And Away's 20 best songs so far.

Down And Away is punk rock band comparable to both older and newer acts. It's basically fast punk rock with lot's of melodies, catchy choruses and tons of energy. For fans of Johnny Cash, AC/DC, Stiff Little Fingers, Ramones, The Clash, Rancid. This one's the U.S. release including 20 songs of the hard to get first records!

Song Titles

  • Black & White
  • You Can't Break Me
  • Lose Control
  • Downtown
  • Reclaim The Radio
  • Heartbeat
  • Right Here
  • Up Against The World
  • Rising Up
  • Green 209
  • W.g.a.c.a
  • Bombs Are Falling
  • Tommy's Gun
  • Guns & Ammunition
  • Set To Blow
  • Simple Minds
  • Get In Line
  • Words Of A Common Man
  • Arrogance
  • Tonight