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Down The Drain
Music For Troublemakers

Label: Sunny Bastards

Are you ready for Trouble?
Are you ready for pure & aggressive music
from the bottom of the street,
that blows this brave new world in its' pieces?
BE READY for "Down the Drain"!


It's the tragedy of the youth
T here is no use but abuse
It's the tragedy of the next inline
Betrayed for life it's a fucking crime
("Situation of the Nation")

"Down the Drain": Traditional Oi! & Hardcore music
with hateful singalongs and fast forward guitars!
Violent lyrics with no compromisses!

Skinhead Gangs
won't back down
Stay as one and
fuck you all!
("On the Rampage")

Love the good old times,
where the streets belongs to a wild youth?
Solving problems directly from face to face?
Then you will love "Music for Troublemakers"!

Are you ready for a Bareknucklefight
with me and my friends tonight?
("Bare Knuckle Fight")

Song Titles

  • The Pride of Rheydt
  • Bare Knuckle Fight
  • Oi! Oi! Music
  • Situation of the Nation
  • Last man standing
  • Always on the Wrong Side
  • On The Rampage
  • Beer & Football & Hate
  • Drink to forget
  • In the Mirror