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Fear My Thoughts
Smell Sweet Smell

Label: Let it Burn

Released: Oct. 30, 2008

This release is a testament of FEAR MY THOUGHTS early years and reveals the band?s background of their pre-LIFEFORCE era. Find the band?s insane debut full length ?23? along with their genius follow up release ?vitriol?. FEAR MY THOUGHTS? early years are characterized with a blend of chaotic hardcore combined with emotional melodies and metal heaviness, all performed with matchless techical perfection. Both CD?s are sold old and only available on this early discography CD. The early discography comes with a completely new artwork.

Song Titles

  • Aponia
  • Six Billion Mirrors
  • A New Enlightenment
  • Ataraxia
  • Nothing That Could Be Compared
  • As I Bleed
  • Fear My Thoughts
  • Failure
  • Progression
  • 529
  • When Will It End
  • Killed For Profit
  • 9284
  • Word's Can't Express
  • My Strength My Weakness