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Genuine Rust Urban Rejects

Label: Sunny Bastards

Aachen vs New Hampshire !
Classic Oi & Punk vs Psychobilly Punk'nRoll !

The idea to this Split-CD was created over first contacts on "My-Space" community, where Urban Rejects & Genuine Rust are presenting their music and bands!
My-Space is one of the greatest internet-communities and also a great network for our punk and skinhead subculture.

The URBAN REJECTS came together in July 2004. It was the old love for the british Oi! classics that led them to the idea of bringing right this sound back to life. The members were all "Partners in crime" and playing in other bands like the legendary "Bovver Boys", "Down The Drain" or "For The Day".
So it's old bones in a new band!
The five tracks on this Split-CD don't give a fuck about these "brave society". No matter if they perform stompers like "Take it to the streets" or the inofficial Hooligan-Hymn for the world-championship (Ox-magazin) with "Summer of Hate"....if you want aggressive, pure and TRUE sound from the heart and stomach, you will love these guys!!!

Genuine Rust are a rock'n'roll trio that hails from the lowlands of New Hampshire and have been playing shows since late 2004 with such bands like "Darbusters", "The Pubcrawlers", "Avoid one thing" and much more!
These crazy guys has developed their unique signature sound of music through the influences of Psychobilly, Punk and Oi. They combine the elements of fast-paced beats ("I drown"), driving guitars ("Say Goodbye"), and steady bass, overlapped with raw, yet crooning vocals to create their melodic sound!
Seven songs of fierce, intense, hellbound rock'n'roll that deliver a knockout punch, and the remedy for the pain.