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Harbour 81
Live Your Dreams

Label: Warbird Entertainment

After eleven years, lots of demos and two studio albums the Rotterdam (Holland) based hardcore band Second Chance used their last US tour in April 2007 to end their days as a band with a bang. But founder, guitarist and songwriter Perry Seleski felt far from satisfied at that point and thus went on to find people to form a new band to give means to his ongoing urge to write, record and play hardcore punk the way he thinks it?s supposed to be done. For Second Chance that vision he had about hardcore resulted in a fair fanbase spread all over the world. He and the band did not even try reinvent the wheel, but adapted the style of their heroes of the eighties and made it into something of their own.

Now Perry is continuing his efforts with his new band called Harbour 81. ?Harbour?, because Rotterdam has the world?s third largest port and ?81? because 1981 is when hardcore punk originates, and that?s something that a lot of people don?t seem to realise anymore in these times when metal bands are considered to play hardcore. He teamed up with drummer Jordy Datema (50 Percent Off), guitarist Ashley Bentvelsen (Cheap Thrills), bassist Bauer (Second Chance, Fist of Fury), gave up the guitar in exchange for the mic to be the lead singer of the band. Recently Raymond Loers completed the line-up of the band on second guitar.

The album, called "Live Your Dreams" contains 11 hardcore punk rock anthems. Guest vocals were recorded with Jeff Perlin (Breakdown/Slumlords), Buddha (Blood For Blood) and, of course, Dries (Second Chance NL).

Song Titles

  • Intro
  • So Much I Can Take
  • Thirty Two
  • Fair Share Of Misery
  • Feel The Hurt
  • Queen Of Hearts
  • Break Down The Walls
  • Live Your Dreams
  • Don't Act Up
  • Alright Tonight
  • Always