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Here Comes The Heartattacks

Label: P.Trash

The wax will be out of print very soon, and the CD version comes with unreleased bonus stuff. Here is the story from this new swedish band sensation!
Tokyo 2002: Chased by the yakuza Tomo (TOKYO KNIVES, MACARONI) grabs her bass and take her escape to sweden. At a party she is introduced to Klack and they make planes to form a punk rawk band. Tomo phone up Magnus (BLACKS, KAMEN RIDERS, HANDSOME STRANGLERS), who she met during an earlier visit to sweden and tells him about her plans. Magnus joins Tomo on her quest and calls his old friend Zeta (DONTCARES), and he takes on the role as the drummer. So THE HEARTATTACKS are born in mars 2003. After a couple of weeks of rehearsing they have 11 songs ready and soon get their 1st gig at Stockholms CBGB's, with The MICRAGIRLS and DIXIE BUZZARDS. It's a success!! The crowd goes crazy!!! Thomas Savage joins the band backstage and immediately offers them a record deal.
Stockholm summer 2004 they released their 1st 7" on SAVAGE REC. P.Trash got that 11 songs demo CDR from Magnus late summer and directly fall in love with this 1st demo with that raw versions!! After 2-3 e-mails Magnus gave them his 'OK' for releasing the songs on wax, and now on CD! After MARTIN SAVAGE mixed all songs new, P.Trash is glad to release THE HEARTATTACKS 1st full lenght!
This is the 1st press, comes in digi-pack and with a bonus-track!

Song Titles

  • Wanted You
  • Daddy's Gotta Go
  • Let's Go Rock'n'roll
  • Dating Time
  • Sort It Out
  • Friday Night
  • Want That Baby
  • My Baby's Gone
  • Can't Stand It
  • Baby C'mon On
  • Better Go
  • Heartattack
  • Duelling Assholes (Bonustrack)