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Label: Chorus Of One

Released: 05.16.2006

Chorus of One Rec. is thrilled to announce a blazing new addition to our roster, KOVER from Canada's greater Toronto area! With members stemming from Canada's beloved Blue Skies At War, Heroes For Sale, Going Nowhere & Hope to Die, these four guys instantly hit us in the heart, gut and head juggling just the right amount of classic inspirations. "Classic" in terms of late 90's post-hardcore, 70's classic rock and altogether classic song riff-writing we've grown up loving. With to-the-point razor sharp guitars, instant gruff-yet-melodic vocal harmonies and a tight rhythmic foundation reminiscent of Leatherface, Seaweed, Hot Water Music and at times Failure, Chorus of One can't wait to release their upcoming full-length entitled "ASSEMBLY." Produced by Greg Dawson at BWC Studios in Brampton, Ontario, Canada (Moneen, The Reason, Choke), expect the album to hit your ears with bombast and clarity and nothing short of inspired performances from these seasoned Canadian post-punks.

Song Titles

  • Intro
  • Buying Time
  • Deathbed Reflections
  • Blinded And Alone
  • Asphalt And Stone
  • Extinguisher
  • It Girl
  • Can't Hide The World
  • Givin' In
  • W/o
  • Frozen
  • Light The Sky
  • Secrets (Bonus Track)