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Losing Streak

Label: Not Just Words

Losing x Streak started rehearsing around april 2005. Their
main goal was to play the music they love (being the hardcore anno 2000 like Shark Attack and later on the early Outbreak) but with a straightforward straight edge-attitude. After a whole year of rehearsing and after finally finding the perfect guy for the vocals, Losing x Streak really got their thing going and realized more and more that they could achieve more than only having fun and playing instruments. The band played their first show in February 2007 in Izzegem/Belgium for a packed venue of really siked kids who turned the place into some real HCmadness we all love so much: stage dives, sing-a-longs and moshing around. The Cracked MCD also contains the demo.

Song Titles

  • Loose Lips
  • The Higher You Get
  • ain't hard to tell
  • Make It Work
  • just a memory
  • money talks
  • Losing Sight