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Lie Cheat & Steal

Label: P.Trash

The 4 sympaticos from Sweden are back with a bang. Jokes aside: if you liked their first two platters,
this one will stick to you like chewing gum on a dancing shoe. Poppier and catchier than ever before,
the album starts off with the title track ''Lie, cheat and steal'', that shows in the best TEENAGE HEAD manner, that now the boys know even damn better how it's done. You can really catch everything here:
Fast songs with bombastic choruses like ''I don't need anyone'', ''The world that once was ours'' or ''The bells of St. Nicolai'', Rock'n'Roll smokers like ''Lovesick'', ''In love with you'' or ''Can't stop thinking of you'' (complete with that cool ''La Bamba'' Riff). There's perfect little tearjerkers like ''I wanna say I'm sorry'' or ''Spent the night alone'' and songs like ''Highschool good boy'' and ''The Setup'' that simply overhaul THE HIVES on the fast lane. And the Gran Finale ''Wish for things to be'' perfectly sets you up for a Friday night on the loose.
Beautiful cover artwork by Fritte, too! Layout by S.Trash! Vinyl-version has handnumbered sleeves and is limited to 497 copies!