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Co-Op Brewery

Label: Fistolo

Released: Aug. 01, 2006

The newest recording from Melbourne, Australia's finest parcel of rogues. How could you go wrong with a record based around the tale of a co-operatively run microbrewery? Other songs include stories of boat-shows, soup kitchens, dirty bars, and locomotives. Basically, the lyrics are amazing, painting a gritty picture of down-and-out drifters, free-spirited travellers, and the seekers-of-a-better-world...all put over catchy colonial-Australian folk-punk melodies. What does that mean? Well, think less fiddle and more accordion/mandolin (although there is fiddle and tin whistle on this too). If you're a fan of The Pogues, The Clash, Swingin' Utters, The Tossers...all that...then you should hear this band.

Song Titles

  • Free Soup Daily
  • Eighty Punks And An Old P.a.
  • Brisbane Bandits
  • Abbotsford Co-Operative Brewery
  • Jumping The Rattler
  • Convict Rum Song
  • Digging For Gold
  • Dirty Jig