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Rum Rebellion

Label: Fistolo

Released: Jun. 13, 2006

Since its initial release, many a crusty pirate punk has hunted for a mere cassette copy of this record. Now, these Australian reveling rebels and Fistolo have teamed up to bring you the official CD reissue of Mutiny's "Rum Rebellion." Imagine a band of squatters strappin' on some accordions and mandolins, singing raspy anthems about alcohol, anarchy, shoplifting, baklava, fiddles, and fading punk tattoos. Drink to better days!

Song Titles

  • Bligh
  • Girlz On The Fiddle
  • High On The Hill
  • Here's To Adventure
  • Take A Chance
  • Knife
  • These Streets
  • Bodgy Tatts
  • Drink To Better Days
  • Enjoy It While It Lasts
  • Diddly Squat