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Nerds Rupture

Label: Scarey

1 . Beer And Women
2. Alcoholic Abortion (Intro: Gus Chamber)
3. Subconcious Sphere Of Oblivion
4.Long Way To Go (Alice Cooper)
5. If I Had A Thousand Dollars
7. (We are the) Bogan Punks Rupture w/ The Boss
8. Sleaze Disease
9. (I am) The Voice of Nothingness
10. Monkey Ghost
11. Cock In A Frock
12. Doom Day
13. Unholy Alcohol
14. Slug Club
15. Sodom Francisco The Nerds Rock Inferno
16. TV Reality
17. Terrorama
18. War Of The Gods
19. A Memorial Bridge To the Past
20.The Puppet Show
21. Monkey Motherfucker