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New Bruises
Transmit! Transmit!

Label: Kiss Of Death

Released: Mar. 05, 2007

New Bruises "Transmit!Transmit!" delivers aggressive, yet catchy punk rock anthems with a plethora of sing-along parts. Often compared to the likes of Hot Water Music and Latterman and featuring ex-members of Mid Carson July and The Holy Mountain.

Song Titles

  • Homogenized For Mass Consumption Or How My Youth Was Watered Down And Sold For Profit
  • Bigger Isn't Always Better. Yes, Texas This Means You
  • New Bruises Are No Bruises
  • Coffee With A Side Of Confrontation, Please
  • Hell Is A Highway (Connecting Tampa And Orlando)
  • Empty Bottles Equal Empty Promises
  • Homo-Erectus-Americanus
  • Being Broke And Broken Down
  • The Hero, The Thief, And The Liability Of Getting Caught
  • Sleeping With The Ants, Again
  • City Hearts And Trailer Parks
  • Untitled (Eric Talks Too Much)