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Nothing Done
Everybody Knows

Label: Not Just Words

Not Just Words records are pleased to announce the release of the new Nothing Done record on both LP and CD. The band recorded 10 new tracks at the legendary Bunt Studio, under supervision of Menno Bakker. NJW and Nothing Done are very happy with this follow-up to the band's first LP, Powertrip, released in 2006. Influenced by a wide variety of bands such as Black Flag, Minutemen, Negative Approach, Circle Jerks, the album - which is titled 'EVERBODY KNOWS' - , basically sounds like what you would expect from a new Nothing Done record.

Song Titles

  • Over And Done
  • Analyze Me
  • Denied
  • Don't Ask
  • Pull Me In
  • Sorry State
  • Cardiac Arrest
  • Jail Bait
  • Everybody Knows
  • Give it Back