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Obey, Adapt, Shut Up And Die

Label: Sabotage

Infos like this bore me to death, like all this crap bores me to death. Fuck that. The thing you need to know is: it's a good, fair and healthy thing to like the now-denial. I am sure i don't have to tell you about the endless glorious, fabulous, not to say heroic stories of this dirty bunch- only for the protocol: they are a five-piece with members of blablabla...BORING. there is no need to tell you about this tracktorpullingdeathmachine from BREMEN/ MUENSTER and BIELEFELD. No need to tell you that this CD is full with 19 songs and videos... that this is their compilation-cd which combines the the vinyl-only releases of the split 7"es with SEEIN RED and HIGHSCORE, unreleased old material, compilation tracks and evergreens of the last five years. Besides the well known 'a.c.a.b.', 'the exploration', 'viva viva' and 'slaves' there is the hard to find vinyl only compilation track 'dusty gunslinger' and the unreleased 'outward tolerance', 'shit goes on' and 'eraser demo'.
All songs have japanese translations printed inside the digipack, due to the split release between too circle rec. in japan and sabotage rec. in germany.
As a special bonus there are a couple of live feeds enhanched. We put some footage of the dräschfest 2004, the turn it down show 2004 (Berlin) and from the vienna 'täwi'show 2003.

Song Titles

  • New Defined Needs
  • The Modern Crusade
  • The End Of Binary Gender
  • The Living Dead
  • Outward Tolerance
  • Through Torrents Of Shit
  • Waiting For Requital
  • Truth Is On Fire
  • I Don't Care About Friendly Cops Aka As A.c.a.b
  • The Exploration
  • Allegiance And Condolences
  • The Shady Business Of Using Potential
  • Dusty Gunslinger
  • Shit Goes On
  • Viva Viva Threatening
  • Slaves
  • The Foreign Rule Over My Selfimage
  • Eraser Demo
  • Emetics Overdosed