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Orange Man Theory
Riding A Cannibal Horse From Here To...

Label: Indelirium

The recording (and the mix either) process has been done by Steve Austin (that besides being Today is the Day singer, has previously worked with big names such as Unsane, Converge and Lamb of God) @ Austing Enterprise of Clinton, MA.
T.O.M.T are a good mix of metalcore, surf and garage rock.

Song Titles

  • Introducing Ourselves To The Masses
  • Merendina Will Have His Revenge On Capeside
  • Vampires In The Sun (Surfin Transilvania)
  • The Way To
  • Vortex Of Cows Into The Sweet Tornado
  • Where We´re Going, We Don´t Need Roads
  • Biollante´s Dawn
  • Riding A Cannibal Horse From Here To Clinton, Ma
  • 007 Ce´fa Ma Pippa