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Peter Pan Speedrock
Premium Quality (Reissue)

Label: BitzCore

With "Lucky Bastards", "Spread Eagle" and their amazing Spilt record with Zeke Peter Pan Speedrock built up an international fanbase of Speedrockers and true lovers of loud & fast music. "Premium Quality" on Bitzcore is a re-issue of the 2001 classic release, which came out originally in BeNeLux. This version comes in a Digipak and contains the videoclip of "Resurrection" plus a free sticker!

Song Titles

  • Donkeypunch
  • Resurrection
  • Gotta Get Some
  • Come On You
  • Auf Der Axe
  • Hellalujah!
  • Next Town
  • Sunny Side Up
  • Serve Loud
  • Motörblock
  • Bad Year For Rock & Roll
  • Rock Habit
  • Rearview Nightmare