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So far 2003 was the most successful year of The Punkles: with their "Best Of" compilation ""The Red Album - 1998-2003"" they hit the Japanese Top 50 charts on position 42 and have been featured in big magazines and also their songs could be heard during Japanese Airlines" flights. Their video clip "Help" Licenses of the "Red Album" have been given out to France (FGL Productions) and to the States. But 2003 is still not over and Joey Lennon, Sid McCartney, Captain "Bomber" O"Harrison and Markey Starkey went to the studio to record further 28 BEATLES covers in their furious Ramonesque style. On "Pistol" the best 15 tracks of the recording session can be heard. The title track "Magical Mystery Tour" also is available as an enhanced video clip.

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