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Hooked On Ebonics

Label: Friendly Cow

On their fourth release on Friendly Cow show the leading HC/Punk band of Florida Radiobaghdad the way this kind of Muisc has to be. Off all clich├Ęs they write their songs and will loved for ot by the fans. Not only the excellent reviews of their first full time CD but also the euphorical shows of their last tour give evidence of it.
The new CD spread their sound. Among the suspected emotional-hard songs like Poor Flipper, exist crust music in the best HC-manner (Agua). Carried by the genius Drums and the unconfuseable vocals Radiobaghdad yet played into the hearts of the many fans and will with new CD in back again show who's the best Live-Band Floridas.

Song Titles

  • Bob Narley
  • Poor Flipper
  • My Bike
  • Behind His Back
  • Righteous
  • Rotten Bastard
  • Chilli Song
  • Give Up
  • Someday 97
  • Breakfast Of Champions
  • Conspiracy
  • Stake Yer Faith
  • Agua