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Four Brake Fast

Label: Fond Of Life

Released: Sep. 25, 2006

Redasmonkey's debut disc on German-based Fond of Life Records, FOUR BRAKE FAST, is a big rock experience in a very modern style. The music is very tight and moving at breakneck speed. Drummer Mathias is a beast who keeps everything super energetic. Redasmonkey is a fantastic band. Lead vox Michael is very melodic while maintaining a great rock attitude. Some of the best of the good songs are "Pigassmofo" (love the title), "Globocop", and "My Best Enemy". FOUR BRAKE FAST is an album that is better every time that you listen to it. Great job, fellahs.
(Skratch Magazine)

Song Titles

  • Watch out
  • Gone Too Far
  • Let loose
  • my best enemy
  • turn to peace
  • poor old you
  • Fingerpoint
  • PigAssMofo
  • Lame Duck
  • globocop
  • right or wrong
  • Dr. Schnuggles & The Hifi Gang