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Rudy Schwartz Project
Bowling For Appliances

Label: DC-Jam

Released for the first time since 1987. The songs have garnered constant praise by industry names as diverse as Jello Biafra of Dead Kennedys fame. A must have for anyones punk collection!

Song Titles

  • "lynyrd Skynyrd Memorial Tractor Pull"
  • "bob Eubanks Initiation Ritual & Subsequent Cumbia"
  • "ernest Borgnine Memorial Birthday Party"
  • "colgate Team"
  • "the Fog & The Dew"
  • "a Career In Real Estate"
  • "waltz Of The Mortgage Bankers"
  • "ernest Borgnine Reprise"
  • "ben"
  • "obligatory Telephone Segue"
  • "protect And Serve"
  • "a Sandwich For Adolf"
  • "nice Lawn, Asshole"
  • "snot Mouth Tweedle"
  • "snot Mouth On The Beach"
  • "bowling For Appliances"
  • "mizzyluna"
  • "wailin' Jack"