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Scars Of Tomorrow
Design Your Fate

Label: Let it Burn

Released: Mar. 25, 2003

Fabulous 2003 record on THORP. Most brutal Orange County Metalcore for fans of BLEEDING THROUGH, ATREYU and KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, yet still darker and more despearate than those acts. Completely new artwork. ?Design Your Fate" intensifies the heaviness of their other material while treading new ground and eliminating old boundaries. This record boasts sharp production, relentless musicianship, and untold of sonic brutality. The band continues to maintain their sense of metallic melody amongst the massive heaviness they have come to be associated with.

Song Titles

  • Design Your Fate
  • This Autumn Bleeding
  • Rebirth
  • Arise
  • Bleak Sky
  • With Open Arms
  • Tftdc
  • Vengeance
  • Another Day Another Mark