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Sniffing Glue
We Are Sniffing Glue, Fuck You

Label: Rising Riot Records

Early 80's hardcore-punk as authentic as it can be. These four young men appear with a bunch of songs, which just lead me to one question: Why didn't MinorThreat record these fantastic songs or GangGreen or BlackFlag or the CircleJerks. I don't know it, but it doesn't matter, cause this is 2008 and SniffingGlue demonstrates imposingly that there's still no need for hairspray, nail polish, music lessons and tough attitudes to be a fucked up, unstudied hardcore-blast. Besides the regular album-songs, this cd includes the new ep 'Suburban Suicide, Suburban Violence'.

Song Titles

  • You Can Let Them Win
  • Lesson Plan
  • Without Fear
  • 21 Century Nervoso
  • When The Strongest Man Dies
  • Pain Dead
  • Pig Fight
  • Generation Shit
  • Why Must I
  • Invisible
  • Not Without Us
  • New Name
  • The Test
  • Grown Weak
  • Suburban Suicide, Suburban Violence
  • Ozo Was A Dickhead
  • Masquerade
  • This Is Spite